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1.                 Purposes of the project.


In first stage of the project:

Exploration with determination of proved metal reserve providing construction of the Mine with capacity on ore output and processing in 100000 tpy.


In second stage of the project:

Exploration with definition of a stock work ore and determination of metal reserve proved, providing capacity expand of the Mine from 300000 to 500000 tpy of ore in dependence upon definition of metal reserve range in the studying area.


2.                 Base of a management for the project.


In first stage of the project:

Financing of the project have been provided by loan of a bank, what will been repaid by cash profit from production.


In second stage at the project:

After beginning of a production in first stage of the project, company has to conduct processing in Stock exchange, what will enable to finance the investment requiring in sum to 150 mln.$ for second stage of the project with expand of the production capacity of the Mine to 500000 tpy of ore. The Mine at expanded capacity may expect for revenue to 120 mln.$ per year.


3.                 Resource for the Project.

The project will be realized in base of Tugalgatai Nuruu ore areas reserve of metals.


          The area is situated in the territory of Khentii province, southeast of Ulaanbaatar capital city in trip distance of 265km, at this 250km on asphalted road and 15km on field road.


Location map

 Main ore zones of this area are covered by geological mapping at scale 1:200000, 1:50000, 1:10000, 1:5000 and a zone 1:1000. In the area prospecting drilling work of about 30 cores holed, trenching of reasonable value and other works are carried out. The ore zones are included to square of exploration licenses # 8488X and 10649X possessing Next Mine LLC, Ulaanbaatar city.


          The geological structure in Tugalgatai Nuruu base metal ore developed area is represented generally by slate of Lower Devonian age. In the result of exploration works conducted in several stages, are discovered group of ore bodies grading Zn, Pb, Ag and separate ore bodies grading Cu, different group of ore bodies grading W, Sn, Be and Bi, also group of fluorspar veins and several iron ore bodies in our licensed areas.


           Copper. As the result of 1951 years exploration, it’s hole #2 in the 55.65-61.25 metric core interval of drilling depth intercepted copper-bearing vein with thickness of about 4.3m and copper grade about 8.9%. Second copper ore body on trench #8 of 1951 is 3.7m thick and with copper grade 2.42%. Copper zone is about 3000m long on today’s stage of exploration.


          Zinc. The hole # 1 of 1951 in the 81.2-86.6 metric core interval of drilling depth intercepted zinc-bearing vein with thickness of about 3.8m and zinc grade about 10.6%.  And in the surface exploration trenches ore bodies are frequently defined high grades of zinc between 15.35-22.9%. General average grade of zinc in ore bodies amounts 4-6%, thickness of ore bodies -0.7-4.0m and length of Zn, Pb, Ag ore zone is about 5000m.


          Lead. Ore bodies in Zn, Pb, Ag ore zone often show fairly high grades of lead such, as 49.90% in trench # 22, 49.93% in trench # 26 of 1951. An average grade of lead in ore bodies is estimating about 6-8%.


          Silver is studied in Zn, Pb ore bodies. Silver grade of ore body amounts on trench #37k-1 in sampling intervals of 8.0-5.7-8.0-8.0-1.0 metric 34.0-78.01-41.0-161.5-100.0grpt respectively and on trench # 3k-2 in sampling interval of 0.8m 552.0grpt.


          Tungsten. The hole # 3/13 in the depth of 300m on drilling core interval with length of 5.0m defined quartz-tungsten ore vein with grade of WO3 in average 1.0%, the hole # 3/31 in the depth of 40m on drilling core interval with length of 8.0m the same vein grading 0.12% and the hole # 3/18 in the depth of 100m on drilling core interval with length of 1.8m another vein grading 0.6%, also 3k-7 trench on 4.4m long sampling the outcrop of vein with average grade of WO3 in 0.22% are defined.


          In this ore area should further conduct exploration work, at this some part of the work-to discovery of stock work ore body.


          At this, also should emphasize, that the area is favorable on conditions of infrastructure for development of mining.


          Estimation of metal’s reserve was presented by several authors, at this Podstolski R (1979, 1986), Groholski A, (1980), Kalimulin S M (1968), Maksiyak S (1985), in their reports determined reserves of zinc, 95000 ton, lead 208000 ton, silver 5.5 ton, tungsten 415 ton, tin 160 ton, fluorite 300000 ton preliminarily.

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