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Огноо: 2011-04-19

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Open Pit Mine Planning department of Oyu Tolgoi LLC, a mining company conducting extensive
exploration and project development in Mongolia, is accepting applications for (2) Operations
Training Coordinators. This position is based at Oyu Tolgoi mine site with the roster of 4 weeks on
and 2 weeks off.

Applicants must demonstrate excellent work ethics and possess the following qualifications:
Essential Qualifications:
• English language understanding at an advanced level is required
• Proficiency using windows, computer applications, and competency in Microsoft Office
• A degree in Engineering, Mining, Maintenance or related fields from an institution with a
minimum of four years program
• Relevant practical experience will be highly regarded

Desirable Job Requirements / Training:
• Fluency in Mongolian technical language and an advanced level in English written and oral skills
• Ability to work well independently and in a team based environment as well as with people from
different backgrounds
• Excellent ability to organize, plan, and communicate with various stake holders within and
outside the company
• Extensive knowledge of various specialties with focus in Operational Mining or related fields.
Additional experience including mining, maintenance, safety and environment would be valuable
• Ability to hold critical conversations and maintain excellent working relationships with people is
• Strong demonstrated commitment to safety, self motivated and strong desire to acquire new
• Ability to work efficiently under tight schedules and deadlines
• Proficiency in using relevant computer packages, including scheduling oriented software

Duties and responsibilities:
• Assist the mine planning group with training scheduling duties so that production and costs are
safely achieved
• Responsible to ensure transparency, consistency, and meaning are kept throughout the training
• Manage and maintain training tools and resources
• Follow company ethical codes and confidentiality policies in place
• Support continuous improvement programs
• Promote a work environment that embraces open communication between operations, technical,
maintenance, and contractor groups

All interested candidates should submit the following documents:
  •  Filled out “OT” LLC Vacancy Application Form (with 1 copy 3x4 size Photo)
  •  CV and Cover Letter (in English)
  •  A copy of all Diplomas and Certificates (Notarized)
  •  A copy of ID and Driving License (Notarized)
  •  A copy of Social and Health Insurance Books (Notarized)
  •  Reference or Recommendation Letters from current and/or previous employer
  •  Reference letter for permanent place of domicile from governor
Employees of the subcontract companies currently working at Oyu Tolgoi site are strongly encouraged to
notify their employer of their intent to apply for a job with Oyu Tolgoi LLC.

To the following address before 05:30 PM on May 2nd, 2011:

“Monnis Tower”, 1st Floor
Chinggis Avenue 15, Sukhbaatar District, Tel: 976-11-331880
Ulaanbaatar-14240, MONGOLIA Fax: 976-11-331885
South Gobi province, Dalanzadgad soum
3-r bag, ‘Tost Gobi’ LLC building Tel: 976 -1532 23963
Oyu Tolgoi LLC representative office Fax: 976-11-331890
South Gobi province, Khanbogd soum Tel: 976 - 153512194
Tsag-Uur 1-5 976 - 153512188
Oyu Tolgoi LLC branch office
Construction Site Office (CSO #2) Tel: 976-75751011
HR department of Oyu Tolgoi LLC 976-331880 -6148
South Gobi province, Oyu Tolgoi site
Vacancy Application Form is available at the Oyu Tolgoi LLC UB office, Dalanzadgad office,
Khanbogd office and at Oyu Tolgoi site HR department as well as at the company web site:
All successful candidates must be medically cleared
Only short listed candidates will be contacted
Oyu Tolgoi LLC ensures fair and transparent recruitment practices where all applicants are provided with equal
opportunities and the decision on recruitment is made by committee members without any involvement of mediating
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