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Oyu Tolgoi LLC (OT) is building and will operate the Oyu Tolgoi copper-gold mine in southern
Mongolia, which will be Mongolia’s largest copper and gold mine, and one of the largest in the
world. It is scheduled to begin commercial production in 2012. The project is strategically
important for Mongolia, and will have a significant impact on the country’s social and economic

Currently the project is in construction phase with significant planning work to get ready for the
commencement of the phase one open-pit production in 2012, and phase two underground
production in 2014. Oyu Tolgoi is expected to reach full production capacity by 2018.

Oyu Tolgoi is a strategic partnership between the Government of Mongolia, which owns 34%,
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd, which owns 66%, and Rio Tinto which holds a substantial shareholding in
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. Rio Tinto gained management control of Oyu Tolgoi LLC (OT) in
December 2010 and formed an integration management team (IMT) to transition OT to a Rio
Tinto managed business.

The Information Systems &Technology (IS&T) function is both a focus of the integration work
and a means for positively impacting the integration effort across the business. As such, a
significant amount of focus is being placed on the efficient, effective and expedient review of the
existing Oyu Tolgoi IS&T organisation and its transition to a future state that is aligned with Rio
Tinto best practice and support for operational ramp up in 2012 and beyond.

The Information Systems &Technology (IS&T) Integration Programme is currently
accepting applications for seven (7) Project Manager positions based in Ulaanbaatar
(although some travel will be required to the Oyu Tolgoi mine site). The incumbents will
initially work for 12 months on a casual term agreement.

The roles are as follows (applicants are asked to nominate which role(s) they are
specifically applying for):
1. Senior Project Manager – IS&T Infrastructure (Servers, Storage and SOE)
2. Senior Project Manager – Project Management Office (Mine Technical Systems)
3. Project Manager – Mine Technical Systems (Mine Monitoring & Control)
4. Project Manager – Mine Technical Systems (GeoSciences & Asset Monitoring)
5. Project Manager – Mine Technical Systems (Infrastructure)
6. Project Manager – Applications Implementation
7. Project Manager – Travel Management System

Applicants must demonstrate excellent work ethics and possess the following qualifications:
Essential Qualifications:
• Degree in computer science, business administration, engineering or similar
• Excellent written and oral communication skills – in both English and Mongolian
• At least 5 years Project Management experience in the IS&T or Engineering industries
• Excellent project management and organisational skills.
• Proficient in the use of MS Project and the MS Office suite.
• Sound understanding of IT infrastructure (hardware and communications), information
systems, business processes, the key drivers and measures of success for the relevant
business and the production of quality deliverables.
• Demonstrated ability to coordinate cross-process/functional teams
• Strong leadership, coaching, consulting, and problem solving skills to facilitate the
implementation of business-driven system changes
• Demonstrated vendor, consultant, and contractor management and negotiation experience
• An ability to assess and manage project risks
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Strong attention to detail
• Self-starting and confident to progress tasks without detailed direction
• Ability to work on own initiative
• Excellent attention to detail, quality and control
Desirable Job Requirements:
• Experience and qualifications in the Prince2 methodology preferred
• Ability to handle intense workload and meet deadlines

Duties and responsibilities:
The Project Manager roles identified above will implement a range of IS&T initiatives and
projects that will support the on-going success of the Oyu Tolgoi business. The key duties and
responsibilities include:
• Responsible for the planning, execution and closing of projects and accountable for
accomplishing the stated project objectives.
• Responsible for ensuring that the project(s) is delivered on time and within budget;

o Maintain project schedule, reporting and tracking structures / mechanisms to
ensure effective completion of all scheduled tasks and activities;
o Effectively manage time and operate both with a team and in an independent
o Manage resources, including sub-contractors, by ensuring their effective and
efficient application to projects to fulfill project obligations, and ensuring project
roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated and understood;
o Manage the project budget and all financial issues, including the monitoring and
recovery of project costs;
o Monitor and manage project risks, issues and actions (through the maintenance of
Risk and Issues Logs and mitigation actions as necessary), and managing the
escalation of risks, issues and problems (technical and non-technical) through a
pre-defined and formal process;

• Ensure effective project communication including the creation and control of a
communications plan (where necessary), management of project reviews including
minutes of meetings, and the maintenance of regular progress reporting;
• Report to the Programme Manager and Project Board;
• Operate as a HSE focused leader to project teams and colleagues.
• Participate in the office safety programmes.
• Instill a safety culture in the workplace and with vendors through influence and

All interested candidates should submit the following documents:
  •  Filled out “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC Vacancy Application Form (with 1 copy 3x4 size Photo)
  •  Clear statement of which role(s) is being applied for.
  •  CV and Cover Letter (in English)
  •  A copy of all Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (Notarized)
  •  A copy of ID and Driving License (Notarized)
  •  A copy of Social and Health Insurance Books (Notarized)
  •  Reference or Recommendation Letters from current and/or previous employer
  •  Reference letter for permanent place of domicile from governor
Employees of the subcontract companies currently working at Oyu Tolgoi site are strongly
encouraged to notify their employer of their intent to apply for a job with Oyu Tolgoi LLC.

To the following address before 05:30 PM on [10 May, 2011]:

“Monnis Tower”, 1st Floor
Chinggis Avenue 15, Sukhbaatar District, Tel: 976-11-331880
Ulaanbaatar-14240, MONGOLIA Fax: 976-11-331885
South Gobi province, Dalanzadgad soum
3-r bag, ‘Tost Gobi’ LLC building Tel: 976 -1532 23963
Oyu Tolgoi LLC representative office Fax: 976-11-331890
South Gobi province, Khanbogd soum Tel: 976 - 153512194
Tsag-Uur 1-5 976 - 153512188
Oyu Tolgoi LLC branch office
Construction Site Office (CSO #2) Tel: 976-75751011
HR department of Oyu Tolgoi LLC 976-331880 -6148
South Gobi province, Oyu Tolgoi site

Vacancy Application Form is available at the Oyu Tolgoi LLC UB office, Dalanzadgad office,
Khanbogd office and at Oyu Tolgoi site HR department as well as at the company web site:
All successful candidates must be medically cleared.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted
Oyu Tolgoi LLC ensures fair and transparent recruitment practices where all applicants are provided with equal
opportunities and the decision on recruitment is made by committee members without any involvement of mediating
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